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Aha not there yet. Maybee The state of Denmark or someone else want to pay me ?

Look here there are solutions, emails for a global disaster happening right now, and the very responsible for the disasters mocks around with my webpages and writes the nuts text above, fun, el stupdio de maimumo. MY writing was, maybee denmark could assist, in the meaning of sorting out MY communication for example.. I had not done the portals for denmark, because the other ones was hijaaked, with assitance of crimes which a chicken..

Pix from da corfu Go there TODAY instead of 50 degree holiday in August..
Since emails are blocked...and more SINCE 1996 Help Needed and offers of best deal ASAP.

Or why not Corfu? Take your ladys from for a trip here. The ones which you did not recive your email from here..hmm never recived one email from that country... as .gr and .no .ru and so on. for 10 years ...Corfu Nice Island in da Sun 21 degrees to

If no emails comes through to send da testreports to tangedahl every law in the world is broken and busted by blocking emails and the results of those actions

Need a family hotel as a starter in Corfu? Popi Star Gouvia.. 1-4 persons..package...

Need accomodation, excursion, a car, bike? send email or phone at Emfasis Travel 0030-2661090330, or Kontokali Opposite Navigators Pub Gouvia Marina Corfu Greece

So in the meantime have some thinking on
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about YOUR future
Aircrash, Echelon, Spy's, Antrax, Gasmasks, Cropdusters and what is left of earth and its humans..
and do the reading with a clear mind...No backdoors in the pipe or the beer..
Kalamaki Apartment Corfu Greece
Gouvia Hotel Corfu Greece
Itlain Job Pizza..Corfu Greece
Art and Religion...Corfu Greece
Take A DIVE Corfu Greece
Lagoon restaurant Corfu Greece
Kantarellis Hotell Corfu Greece
Maistro Gouvia Marina Corfu Greece
Harbour Bar Roda Corfu Greece
Kolouris Apartments Corfu Greece